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Philipp Schmidt is actor, director, author and producer. He conceives his own sketches, which he subsequently produces while assuming important acting roles. Apart from staged film he also implements documentary film projects, as well as music clips and advertising. In doing so he treads his path as a Creative Producer with a graduated university degree in „Screen Based Media“.

Philipp Schmidt was born in 1991 in a small village in the midst of woods and fields. As early as age six he began developing a keen interest in cinematic films and started inscening small projects in front of a camera. His passion consolidated over the years: at age 14 he took lessons at the Berlin Acting Academy/„Berliner Schauspielschule“. After graduating from High School, he completed different traineeships and took on acting roles on-camera in professional national as well as international productions.




Since early childhood, Philipp Schmidt holds an animated creativity which pushes him to telling stories and putting those into scene. Very early he started establishing his ideas not only in writings but also on film. Consequently, he also assumes performing roles. As an actor he then immerses himself into cinematic worlds, inspiriting strange and foreign life. He found the opportunity to maintain complete creative control over the design of an artificial world in film making.






Philipp Schmidt Schauspieler Actor / Regisseur Director

Philipp Schmidt is deeply involved in all the film-making categories such as production, direction, cinematography and acting. The activities include full implementation of photographical concepts, furthermore the creation of his own or on-demand subject matters. Hence, Philipp is eager to develop film projects and bring them to an adequate finish.

His overall aim is to create stories and concepts for his clients, which then find their expression via film production.

Philipp Schmidt can be hired most notably as screenplay writer, director and actor.

In all domains in front of and behind the camera he takes care of essential tasks, he records complete short films and nearly conducts all pre- and postproduction on his own (that includes editing and color correction). When being engaged in bigger projects, he has access to a sorted and Germany-wide pool of creative freelancers, who are all well acquainted with the filming and acting scene. The core team at his disposal consists of a talented cam-operator, a gifted componist and a competent sound engineer.